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We make remarkable a reality



We are ERIKS Digital. The global IT, technology, and data hub of ERIKS, a multinational industrial service provider with a strong presence in Europe and APAC. We’re a diverse and international team of smart, curious, hard-working colleagues who are energized to deliver our mission to become the world’s most digitally advanced specialized industrial service provider. Making not just ERIKS, but our entire industry more efficient, effective, and sustainable.

To be authentic, we started inside: listening to teams across ERIKS to build an accurate picture of what life in ERIKS looks like and what it means to make industry work better. To stay competitive, we looked outside: using digital tools to understand what talent see, think and feel about what life in ERIKS could look like. We uncovered a critical insight that there is more we can do to showcase our specialism and the impact of our contribution. Every day, we work to digitally transform ERIKS; executing digital initiatives such as improving how all colleagues at ERIKS work with data, providing innovative digital solutions for our customers, and integrating digitally with all our trading partners: All while ensuring we improve the day-to-day operations of the thousands of our colleagues across ERIKS, that enable us to serve our customers.

We believe that creative thinking and sustainability go hand in hand. We're always on the lookout for new ideas – big or small – because we know that every innovation, no matter its size, helps us move forward. Our strong team culture is fostered by an environment where you are encouraged to develop yourself, grow and with colleagues across ERIKS Digital and the rest of ERIKS.

How do you make remarkable a reality?

Whether it's helping companies cut their Co2 emissions or keeping global food manufacturing moving at a pace – we are proud to partner with our customers, leveraging our specialism to make a real difference: it’s the inner workings of making industry work better. 

As ERIKS Digital it is our mission is to create the best digital solutions through empowered teams, centralized around our product. We do this to help great organizations reach ambitious goals and fulfill their purpose with equally great teams. We're pretty proud to be working on this, we hope you'd be too. 


As we evolve, digitalisation is playing a key role in the world of industrial services. We're not just adapting to change; we're leading it. Whether that's through the large volumes of data we process and analyse everyday, or the digital tools we’re constantly developing to revolutionise how we work. By embracing digital technologies, we're not only enhancing our efficiency but also opening up new opportunities to innovate and grow. Are you ready to join us?


3 jobs
Chief of Staff to the CDIO
  • Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Digital Product Manager
  • Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
IT Procurement Manager
  • Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Digital Assortment


Join our team

By joining ERIKS, you’ll be part of something remarkable. And that means more than just the work you’ll be doing. It's the great people you’ll work with, the support you’ll receive from your colleagues, and the trust and accountability you’ll get, that is at the core of everything we do here at ERIKS. We’re hardworking and humble, staying focused on how we’ll fix and learn from our mistakes. 

Whether it’s development opportunities built around you and your career goals, or the opportunity to be part of something much bigger than the team you’ll join, it’s all here for you at ERIKS. So, what are you waiting for? We can’t do it without you!